Saturday, December 30, 2006

Death porn

The crapweasel right-wing weblogs are masturbating furiously over Saddam's hanging. Sort of reminds me of how furiously they masturbated when we killed Saddam's sons.

The question is, who has to die next to satisfy their itch?

UPDATE: I guess I'm not the only person with this take on things. Funny, if sad.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bonus Freeper rant on Mary Cheney

Far from being a "fine mom," Mary Cheney is behaving on the level of an animal being bred for its offspring, so she and her partner in delusion can selfishly continue playing "pretend family."
A Freeper's head explodes when George W. Bush says Mary Cheney will be a "fine mom." Instead, clearly, she's closer to an animal that can still play "pretend family." Sort of like a mentally-ill horse with a Play-Doh set.

Mirror, mirror

La Shawn Barber, everyone's favorite black conservative evangelical blogger, has always taken her self-absorption to spectacular levels. Most of her posts are about her. Not her opinions, or her analysis of the issues, but *her* - her wonderful success, what accolades she's receiving, the famous people she hobnobs with, and the tribulations of being such a famous online figure. I sometimes wonder how the woman types, since she spends so much time patting herself on the back. Images on her site are 90 percent of, you guessed it, her face.

Well, she's outdone even herself this time.

Mind you, she's still interesting to read, because a wacky opinion or two does manage to sneak in now and again. Like her enthusiastic support for the torture at Abu Ghraib. Or how she said she was absolutely sure there was no intelligent life on other planets, because only Earth is mentioned in the Bible. I hate to break it to you, La Shawn, but God doesn't mention microwave ovens or the Nintendo Wii in the Bible either - does that mean they don't exist?

Wait - I take it back about the Nintendo Wii. I'm beginning to think its existence is just a cruel joke, probably by some godless heathens. When will they learn?

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just a thought

Why do people who natter on endlessly about the "gay agenda" so often use a variation of the phrase, "having it crammed down my throat"?

Draw your own conclusions.

Bonus video: Ray Comfort enjoys a banana.
(Thanks to Lisa, who I hope will write her own weblog one day.)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Freepers weigh in on Mary Cheney's pregnancy

The selfishness in this is demanding to experience motherhood and having a child, just because she can. there are plenty of children worthy of adoption that she could raise and devote her life to. just because one is capable of bearing a child doesn't mean one SHOULD, and especially if the lifestyle she has chosen doesn't encompass bearing a child as a consequence thereof. yes, it is extremely selfish of her.
OK. So you're in favor of gay people adopting?
As far as I know, both Cheney and her husband/wife/roommate/partner/whatever are working women. So unless one of them is planning on giving up their career, this child will be raised, in effect, without either a true mother or father. But of course, children of the "elite" have always been abandoned by their parents and raised by nannies. That's why so many of them are so incredibly screwed up to begin with.
Hmm. So the real problem is that Mary Cheney is rich, is that right? When will you right-wingers stop hating the rich?
It looks like FReepers are now going pro-gay. Or is it just selectively pro-gay because it's Dick Cheyney's daughter? 'It's ok when this person does it, but no one else can.' Despicable. No wonder conservatives are losing. We can't even be consistent in our message.
Yes - you need to be more consistently anti-gay. Good luck with that!
As a matter of fact, a lesbian couple that I know had a baby through artificial insemination and then when the child was ready to enter school, the mother realized that she didn't want to be a lesbian anymore because it would make life too difficult for the child. She's now married to a man.
Whew! Glad everything worked out.

But when you consider that Mary Cheny has an agenda. One that includes gay marriages, gays adopting children, special rights for gays, then on to abortion rights, abandoning the WOD, Cutting and Running, and even going panty-less in limo's...

Well the point is that Mary Cheney's baby DOES affect us all.
Wait, I'm confused. Mary Cheney wants us all to skip underwear and ride in limos?
The fact that Cheney had a lesbian daughter to begin with should have disqualified him from being on a conservative Republican ticket. Its not like he just found out in 2001. The idiots in charge of Bush's campaign are to blame for this even coming up.
If only. If only.

Quotes on the Iraq Study Group

"They formed a study group. That's great - but the test was three years ago."
-Jon Stewart, last night on The Daily Show
"In all my time in Washington I've never seen such smugness, arrogance, or such insufferable moral superiority. Self-congratulatory. Full of itself. Horrible."
-Gambling addict and moral scold Bill Bennett, on National Review Online's "The Corner" weblog
Memo to Bill Bennett: Look in the mirror, dude.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is not my beautiful house!

First, the Democrats take the House and the Senate.

Then, Rumsfeld is out.

Then, John Bolton is gone from the U.N.

Then, Secretary of Defense nominee Robert Gates says we are not winning in Iraq.

And now, Mary Cheney is pregnant.

When did we enter this beautiful alternate universe? I never want to leave.