Saturday, February 26, 2005

Common sense about Jeff Gannon

How many billions of pixels have been wasted on mindless, irrelevant drivel about Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert? How many stars are in the sky? Here's some common sense.

-Guckert used an alias to conceal his gay escort past/present, not because it was "easier to pronounce."
-Guckert got a day pass to the White House press room for *two years.*
-He got a day pass rather than the permanent "hard pass" because he didn't want to submit to the background check.
-He was in the White House before "Talon News" even existed. Someone vouched for him. Who?
-Guckert's escort ads were up on the internet throughout the time he was a "reporter." His "personal life" was not "violated."

Furthermore, crossing into pundit territory, he was a gay male prostitute in Washington (imagine the client list!) while spreading the administration's anti-gay rhetoric through a fake news organization mostly in the business of transcribing White House press releases. As far as I'm concerned, he richly deserves everything he gets.

Monday, February 21, 2005


You know, it's true: gay people don't need the state to validate their relationships with civil marriage.

I wonder why straight couples need that so much.

Monday, February 14, 2005


The right has become so predictable in its reactions to the steady stream of crap coming out of the White House, that I thought I'd try a little experiment - predict what some people would say to the following story in the Commie baby-killing MSM:

White House staff holds ritual puppy slaughter

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Bush and high-ranking administration officials cut the throats of 12 labrador puppies on the White House's South Lawn Sunday, marking the first of what the President said will become an annual "sacrifice to Baal."

and the reactions...

Ann Coulter
"If only Michael Moore and Howard Dean were puppies."

Rush Limbaugh
"I'm sure welfare mothers in Detroit are cooking and eating puppies right now. But you don't hear Dan Rather crying about that, now do you?"

Bill O'Reilly
"If it's gonna help the troops, then I think the folks will be for it. And they don't need the Hollywood media telling them what they should think about this."

Dean Esmay
"Michael Moore, that fat Holocaust-denying hatemonger bastard, has more blood on his hands than anyone in this administration. And I'll spit in the face of anyone who says differently."

Scott McClellan
"I knew nothing about this."

Dick Cheney
"After 9/11, everything changed. And believe me, not doing the sacrifice would have been worse than the alternative. The American people want us to keep them safe, and that's exactly what we were doing."

Random Free Republic commenter
"Hey, if it takes cutting the throats of a few puppies to win the War on Terror, I say 'BRING IT ON,' baby! Maybe they'll do some of those filthy gays next."

La Shawn Barber
"If we're not careful, we're going to politically-correct ourselves into another 9/11. I was talking to my good friend Michelle Malkin the other day, and she and I agree - a few puppies is a small price to pay. (Watch for me on CNN tomorrow at 2!)"

Matt Drudge

Adam Yoshida
"If our leaders can't kill a few puppies without shedding tears, how are they going to muster up the courage to kill all those Muslims with nuclear bombs? This is a good start, if nothing else."

Kim du Toit
"A real man would've shot 'em."

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fun with Fox "News"

So I'm watching Fox "News" the other night. And they break in with a field report on the Pope's illness. There's the field reporter, clearly standing out in front of the Rome hospital where the leader of millions of Catholics around the world is gravely ill inside.

And he ends up his piece with the line, "So there are a lot of reporters out here on a *very cold night.*"

Yeah. It's all about you, Bunky.

Then, they were teasing an interview with Katherine Jackson, mother of Jacko, currently on trial for child molestation. So they show a clip of an ultra-coiffed blonde interviewer, who leans into the camera conspiratorily and intones, "How. much. do. you.... love. your. son.?!"

Fox "News" should be shut down on humanitarian grounds. As Mrs. Lovejoy would say, "Won't someone think of the children?!"