Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Good news and bad news

The good news is that a federal judge has ruled that teaching "Intelligent Design" in the Dover, PA schools is unconstitutional, and further, that ID is not science.

That's great.

The bad news is that we even have to endure a case like this. Why are we even questioning whether it's OK to torture prisoners, or secretly spy on U.S. citizens? Why is there a question about the definition of science in the year 2005? Why are we forced to cheer whenever basic common sense and the values we thought we shared are upheld? And why must we be disappointed so often when this doesn't happen?

Our society is completely upside-down. That's scarier than I can express. All I can think of is, what's next?

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PrajK said...

We question the definition of science in 2005 because it still isn't clearly defined. Philosophers call it the demarcation problem. Go here for a quick intro:

Granted, ID is not science. But it is wrong to conclude that science is clearly defined and everyone agrees on what constitutes science.