Friday, May 05, 2006


Stephanopoulos: And is it curious to you that given how much control U.S. and coalition forces now have in the country, they haven’t found any weapons of mass destruction?

Rumsfeld: We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.

-"This Week," 3/30/03
Let's face it: Donald Rumsfeld isn't going anywhere. Bush firing Rumsfeld would be like firing himself - it would be admitting that his entire Iraq "experiment" (tm Dean Esmay), the centerpiece of his presidency, was a colossal mistake. So Rumsfeld stays.

But the quote above has always seemed to me to be a perfect encapsulation of the entire Iraq war, and in fact of the administration as a whole. In the first half of the quote, Rumsfeld "knows where [the WMD] are." And then seconds later, he proves for anyone who was even half listening that in fact they "know" nothing of the kind. (The "somewhat" is the cherry on top of the sundae.)

The simple fact is, no one who supported the war in Iraq, administration or citizen, much cared whether those pesky WMD existed or not. We needed to kick some Arab ass and this was the easiest target. The bully always picks on the weakest kid. (Is it any wonder that Iran wants to bulk up a little bit before recess?)

Meanwhile, we watch "United 93" so we can refresh the hatred and fear and hopelessness we felt that day. And we step out onto the playground with our dukes held up defiantly, waiting. For something.


Anonymous said...

The emotions felt over 9/11 are just a distraction from the only valid source of hatred, fear and dispair - George Bush and Co. That's an easier, less messy playground to shake your fists in because we all know there will be no repercussions there, no real sacrifice. Life can go on as usual with the added bonus of the feeling of moral superiority your outrage gives you.

It's easier to envision Saddam as the weakest kid and the US as the bully. It's comforting to think of the Iranian president as a child learning to box so the thug Bush can't beat him up on the playground rather than a madman wishing for the destruction of an entire group of people. Iran just wants to "bulk up?" Really?

If you watch United 93 you might remember that we were in our own backyard waiting instead of at the playground with dukes up. We can't have that now. Let's go rent a Michael Moore movie instead. They have happy kids flying kites in Iraq and America is the evil empire. What could more satisfying than that.

Thomas More said...

If you can give me an example of a hostile world leader weaker than Saddam at the time we invaded Iraq, maybe I'd take your sarcasm more seriously. The Bush people knew he was weak - that's why they chose Iraq, because it would be "easy" to take down.

"There aren't any good targets in Afghanistan. Let's bomb Iraq."
-Donald Rumsfeld, right after 9/11

Why don't we invade N. Korea? Oh yeah - they have nukes. What message does that send?

Also, saying that prior to 9/11 "we were in our own backyard" is laughable. We were just that innocent, non-descript kid on the playground, minding our own business, right? That's bullshit. Maybe, for just one of a thousand examples, we should talk to the Iraqis killed with the weapons we sold to Saddam when he was our friend? That is, before he became a "madman" (one of my favorite Bush cult terms) bent on our destruction with nuclear-laden drone planes.

You think the Iranian president is a madman, huh? Too bad he and Bush have nearly identical views about the apocalypse that will come in their lifetimes. No wonder they're both working to make sure it comes true.

Finally, if Michael Moore is your counter to everything I have to say, I'd suggest you step up your game.

Anonymous said...

You win. America bad. We deserved what we got for all our past and present badness. Bush is as crazy as the Iranian president and wants to wipe other countries off the face of the planet because of his mad religious beliefs. Homosexuals will be hung, women will be subjugated, Christianity will be the only religion allowed. Those who don't believe are dogs and will be eliminated. The apocalypse is coming and Bush is riding a pale horse.

I better get another cup of coffee while I still can. Peace, Brother.

Thomas More said...

It's incredibly easy to attack me for stuff I never said. Ever heard of a strawman?

If you're not willing to engage on anything even resembling a real issue, I think you'll be happier hanging out somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I assume you read what you write.