Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Democracy Now!

One of the most successful PR campaigns in the history of humanity has been to change the U.S. war in Iraq from a response to a perceived threat into a heroic campaign to spread democracy.

Now that the non-existent threat of Iraq (remember the 45-minute launch of drone planes?) has been justly thrown into the dustbin, the crapweasel right-wing has successfully managed to completely change the subject. They will deny utterly that the "threat" was the reason for the war, and point to various mentions of "freedom" and "democracy" sprinkled through Bush speeches and official documents as proof that FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY were the reasons for the war all along. You like democracy, don't you, punk? Don't you like freedom, you Commie bastard? Purple fingers, bitches!

Too bad this justification is just as fake as the last one.

What's magic and brilliant about this new construct is that it allows us to blame the Iraqis for not being grateful enough that we invaded their nation, killed hundreds of thousands of their friends and family, and destroyed their infrastructure. Bush even explicitly mentioned this "debt of gratitude" in his last up-against-the-wall Iraq speech.

All I can say is, those Iranians better be ready with the flowers and candy.

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