Friday, March 09, 2007

What goes around

Unhinged eliminationist gun-obsessed perv Kim du Toit has decided that he's shutting down comments on his site, because he's tired of a few stray attacks on him and his wife, the vivacious, bombastic universal scold Connie du Toit. Up to now, his flying monkeys have pretty much toed the line, probably because they are too busy stroking their highly-polished shotguns to challenge him on anything. Well, those happy days are gone.

I must admit that one of my sharpest incidents of schadenfreude was when I learned that Kim and Connie's homeschooling database business, Did Today, collapsed because investors were horrified with the du Toits' combined online output. Who knew that years of calling for the violent death of your political enemies would have such negative consequences?

And so the withdrawal continues, as they homeschool their children and retreat into their fantasy of the 1950s America that never existed in the first place.

Go with God, you two.

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