Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Why did we invade Iraq again? I just can't remember.

And think about it - isn't it just a bit upsetting that we still can't agree why we started a war? Isn't it a tiny bit discomfiting that if you ask 10 people my initial question, you'll probably get 10 different answers?

No? You're fine? OK. Forget I mentioned it. Happy Fourth of July.


Anonymous said...

If anyone's confused, here's two good places to start.

Anonymous said...

Also -

Anonymous said...

oh come on... websites of the white house?? i'm not even from America and i can tell you it's all crap! Make Bush get aware of himself and the danger he represents to all societies..The question that we cannot answer around here is: How did the american people voted AGAIN for him.. Oh well... it's life, they say. Peace* And happy 4th of July.

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Anonymous said...

*laugh, laugh* Yes. Instead of simply lifting sanctions and resuming direct trade with Iraq, make up lies about Saddam, spend billions of dollars, send thousands of troops into harms way, to start an unpopular war near reelection, driving gas prices sky high.*laugh, laugh* Once you remove Saddam, return sovereignty to Iraq and facilitate free elections. Then sit back and wait for the oil to flow.*laugh, laugh* Logical. *Chuckle, chuckle*

Lucious said...

Oh, no confusion!

We went into Iraq because of the WMDs. Duh.

No WMDs? It was to take out the terrorists! Wait, the terrorists didn't come to Iraq until after we went there?

We went into Iraq to liberate the people from Saddam.

And to create a Democracy. You know, like Vietnam.