Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Overheated - and ready to blow

In the spirit of all the overheated hyperbolic rhetoric being slung around these days*, I thought I would indulge in a little of it myself.

George W. Bush is like that serial killer that's just daring the movie detective to catch him. He leaves clues about his crimes everywhere, in places he knows the detective will find them. He calls the detective from easily-traced phone lines, and writes notes in his own blood reading "Catch me...IF YOU CAN!" He clearly has a subconscious need to be caught.

But in this particular case, the detective is distracted by Katie Holmes' engagement and some missing girl in Aruba, and can't exactly be bothered with a serial killer trying to get his attention. It's just not all that important.

* My current favorite outrageous hyperbole comes from, big surprise, that crapweasel right-wing torture apologist Dean Esmay, who has decided on absolutely no evidence that Michael Schiavo killed his wife, calling him both "O.J." and "a lowlife piece of human excrement." Look in the mirror, dude.

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