Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fox & Friends: Why do they hate our freedom?

I've long said that the most rabidly right-wing program on Fox News is the morning show, "Fox & Friends." This week they proved my point in spades, when hosts E.D. Hill and Brian Kilmeade both advanced what is apparently Fox's latest meme: creating an "Office of Censorship" (I'm not making this up) so journalists would be stopped from printing stuff the administration doesn't want them to print.

Why do they hate our freedom?

Although this is in equal measure saddening and maddening, it doesn't surprise me one bit. When the country gets enthusiastically behind an endless, amorphous war against an enemy whose only definition comes from the administration that started the war, this is what you get. And believe me, it's going to get *way* worse before it gets better. Strap in, people.

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