Sunday, July 16, 2006


A question I've continuously wrestled with is this: at a time when the conservatives control virtually everything in our society, why are they so angry?

All you have to do is watch Bill O'Reilly's show. Or listen to Rush. Or read Coulter, Malkin, FreeRepublic, or Dean's World. They rarely evidence an emotion that isn't some variation of red-hot anger or contempt. At liberals, anti-war activists, environmentalists, feminists, gays, Muslims, college professors, AIDS workers, journalists, Europeans, or any politician left of Zell Miller. It's often anger at the powerless, like Cindy Sheehan. Why should someone so insignificant cause right-wingers to descend into frothing rage?

It's just endless. They have just about everything they could have ever wanted, but still they nearly burst a blood vessel on a daily basis. Why?

Personally, I think this is because they realize, deep down, that their world isn't built on solid ground. They know, but don't want to admit, that the rug could be pulled out from under them at a moment's notice. They're insecure, really, just like the junior high school bully who makes fun of the fat kid. They'll do anything to make sure they don't become the kid everyone else picks on. And people follow the bully because they have those same sorts of fears. Adolescent first strike policy.

But how long can this go on? How long before they choke on their own bile? A long time, from the look of things. Too long.

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