Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Taking a break

My outrage meter is broken. Six years in the red will do that. I just can't dedicate any more energy right now to the insanity that surrounds us.

Based on past experience, I'll probably be back at some point. Maybe not.


X Philius said...

We'll miss ya, Mr. More ;-) Good for you for taking a break. Take some time to enjoy life.

We should chat about the next election some time. I am close to motivating myself to do some volunteer work, but I am torn. I don't really care to help a specific Democrat before the primary, 'cause the truth is it will still be a lesser of two evils choice and what I really want is anyone but another insane Republican Dictator. Thought about contacting the local Dem party, but I am feeling that they are being too easy on the administration. Hmmmm. Maybe I should just give some money to moveon.org or see if they have volunteer opportunities for a geek like me...

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Aritum Bonitae said...

burritos and tortillas, the wind blow up my hat, thank you, may i go to bathroom?

Chin, es lo que haré, buen tip. :D

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atekeh said...

hi mr unknown(for me)
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