Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The President is not your Daddy

Here's a message too many people need to hear:

The President cannot protect you from being killed by a terrorist.

It's just the simple fact. If a terrorist decides to kill you, there's an incredibly good chance that he will succeed. All the President can do is create an atmosphere where your death at the hands of a terrorist is as unlikely as possible.

You can wear your seat belt. You can scrupulously follow traffic rules. You can avoid stopping on train tracks. You can give up the keys when you're too drunk to drive. All of these things will greatly decrease your chances of serious injury or death in your car. But along comes the wild swerve across the yellow line, and you're six feet under.

That's life. That's the risk we take being alive.

But too many people, since 9/11, seem to look at the President as some sort of combination father figure, on-call fireman, and security blanket. I heard a Republican delegate interviewed on Democracy Now who said, "I'm voting for President Bush because he will protect me."

Wrong, baby. And the more you cling to that, the less safe you become.

The fact is, George W. Bush has done a deplorable job with the "safety-belt issues" on terrorism. He's done little with domestic security, neglecting borders, container ships and securing chemical and nuclear plants. Meanwhile, he rushes into a war where there were no terrorists, and creates thousands more, over multiple future generations, in the process. He lets one of the biggest terrorist-sponsoring states, Saudi Arabia, off scot-free. He's alienated allies who we need in the long run to squelch terrorists.

If Bush were your neighborhood fireman, he'd be testing explosives outside your burning house. Not helping, and most likely making it worse.

Bush is not your Daddy. And the sooner you realize that, the better.


rick said...

Well stated.

Anonymous said...

O yes he is. He is the biggest daddyo there is. BabyBush. BoyGeorge . Walker Texas Ranger . whatever his name. The man is here to stay. Cant be that bad though. Stalin closed in for two days before facing up to the german onslaught. BabyBush just hid away during pre-school class. He is a military man you know. In a division that was never ment for war. Stayed behind , urging front-line troops like Kerry on.
Caligula , Nero , or just plain silly lack of serious schooling. Personally i dont care much for religious wacks. They be arabs or americans. "Blackeyed looks from those bible-crooks , he is a man with a mission , got a serious something or other. A seriously big budgett. Yes ! That was it.