Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Who is Bush's base?

Since this is the Republican National Convention week, I've been thinking about the traditional role of conventions - rallying the base. But who, exactly, is George W. Bush's base?

-Right-wingers, who never met a gay person they liked or a fetus they didn't, don't like Bush. He's not conservative enough for them. He pays lip service to their causes, but the payoff just isn't there. Abortion is still legal, and those pesky gays seem to be getting more and more people to agree that yes, maybe they should be equal citizens of the United States after all.

-Fiscal conservatives don't like Bush. He's spending like a drunken sailor. It must really chap the hides of those fiscal conservatives that Bill Clinton, aka "The Evil One," actually racked up a sizeable budget surplus.

-Moderate Republicans, who think of themselves as such mainly because they believe Democrats just want to tax them to death, are much more liberal on social issues than the media understands. Many of them are turned off by Bush's anti-gay stance, and by the folly that was/is the Iraq War.

-Do veterans like Bush? Really? Because why are they going to rally around a guy who thought his National Guard service was less important than working on a campaign (or partying with ambitious secretaries, for that matter); who has cut services for them during wartime; and who has recklessly led the country into an unprovoked war? Will Bush's smears on Kerry's record really be a net gain for GWB? Or will the net effect of John McCain, Max Cleland and Kerry send the mud swinging back into Bush's face?

-Blue-collar workers seem to like Bush, despite his severely anti-union administration, and despite huge tax breaks for the richest Americans. "What's the Matter with Kansas?" by Thomas Frank deals with this topic in depth. I wonder if this part of the base is as strong as it seems. Still, there's always the "Terrorists are coming to kill you NOW! And I'm the only one who can protect you!" angle.

So who's left?

-The insanely rich.
-Military-industrial-complex CEOs, and those who hope to become them.

Is that enough of a base? We'll see.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

His base is the 35% of Americans who are literally insane.

Like this sad sack:

--Miss A

Aguilera said...

George Bush has a base of real Americans who were Republicans, shocked, and Democrats, disappointed, in ex-President "Zipper" Clinton who lied to his wife about his many sexual affairs (plural), lied to the American public about it and the cover-ups, lied to Congress and was actually IMPEACHED!

Sorry about the run-on sentance, I just wanted to get it all out quickly. Now, 4 years later, who is President Bush's base? It doesn't matter, the problem is that the Democratic contender is so weak, it will be a lopsided win for Mr. Bush. Ask yourself, is Kerry really the best hope of the Democratic party? Why even CONSIDER an ex-war protester to be in charge of the military in a time of war on multiple fronts?

A vote for Kerry is a vote to shoot ourselves in the foot. If I was a Democrat, I would be very angry about the choice of the non-voting Senator who trashes the current President, second guessing his policies but who's own voting record shows disregard for the public and clearly shows a "tax and spend" liberal.

Ask Bin-laden who you should vote for and he will clearly tell you, Kerry will make the world safe . . .for terrorists.