Friday, October 08, 2004


How much bullshit does the American public have to swallow before they choke?

The latest:

-When Paul Bremer said we didn't have enough troops to win the peace in Iraq, he was speaking "off the record."
-We invaded Iraq because of Saddam's misuse of the Oil for Food program.
-The final weapons report, which confirms what the U.N. inspectors said before the war - that Saddam had no weapons and no ties to al Qaeda - justifies going to war.
-Public documents found in Iraq in July justify a non-specific threat warning to American schools in October.
-When Donald Rumsfeld said he knew of no real evidence linking Saddam and al Qaeda, he was "misunderstood."
-The weapons report said Saddam had no nuclear program, and his capability to start anything up again was diminishing, not gathering. But to Condi Rice, "people are still debating."

When are people going to start getting sick of being fed this stuff?

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