Friday, October 15, 2004

"How dare you point out our family's shameful secret!"

(Headline stolen from my friend Mike Benedetto)

How interesting has this Mary Cheney flap been? The hypocrisy of the Cheneys and the Bush campaign in general has been epic, and that's saying something coming from them. Plus, as usual, the media follows along like drooling lapdogs, amplifying Lynne Cheney's fake rage until she becomes some sort of mother bear in a Nancy Reagan suit.

Lynne, you didn't have a problem when your husband brought up on the campaign trail that your daughter is....what is she again? Oh, yes. A LESBIAN. Lynne, you apparently didn't have a problem when Alan Keyes said your daughter was a "selfish hedonist" simply because she's a lesbian. And Lynne? How do you feel about your husband's administration trying to amend the Constitution so your daughter can never marry her long-term partner? Not too concerned about that one, huh? How about Rick Santorum, huh, Lynne? Is he a "good man"?

And then come the yapping masses called conservative bloggers, who are just outraged at John Kerry's mention of Mary Cheney. How dare he! Well, all of them, and Lynne too, can just shove their fake outrage. They all know that the only reason this is an issue is because 1) lots and lots of people, including the Cheneys themselves, think being gay is something to be ashamed of, and 2) it just throws the Republican hypocrisy about gay issues into sharp relief.

Although I've always considered Lynne Cheney to be a particularly evil satellite of the Bush team, this latest escapade has me wondering when she's going to rip her face off and reveal the hissing reptile beneath. It can't come too soon.

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