Saturday, February 26, 2005

Common sense about Jeff Gannon

How many billions of pixels have been wasted on mindless, irrelevant drivel about Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert? How many stars are in the sky? Here's some common sense.

-Guckert used an alias to conceal his gay escort past/present, not because it was "easier to pronounce."
-Guckert got a day pass to the White House press room for *two years.*
-He got a day pass rather than the permanent "hard pass" because he didn't want to submit to the background check.
-He was in the White House before "Talon News" even existed. Someone vouched for him. Who?
-Guckert's escort ads were up on the internet throughout the time he was a "reporter." His "personal life" was not "violated."

Furthermore, crossing into pundit territory, he was a gay male prostitute in Washington (imagine the client list!) while spreading the administration's anti-gay rhetoric through a fake news organization mostly in the business of transcribing White House press releases. As far as I'm concerned, he richly deserves everything he gets.

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