Monday, August 08, 2005

Hate sites

Some excerpts from Little Green Footballs' "discussion" of the death of anchorman Peter Jennings:
"These guys are no more deserving of condolances than a suicide bomber. The media is the enemy. This is something to jubilate."

"The victims of evil are insulted again and again when we fail to vilify what ought be vilified."

"Do you pine over Goebbals? ... Do you feel pity when a bug that stings you gets squished? You feel pity for Peter Jennings. Shame on you."

"It's been a good week so far for ending the careers of Jew-hating journalists."

"Hell has another occupant."

"A dead arrogant antsemitic Canadian born WASP prick with shit for brains!"

"Being an atheist I don't believe in the place but were I a god-monger I'd wish him to rot in hell."
BONUS: Karen of "The View From My Chair" is upset that news of Jennings' passing interrupted the climactic moments of her "Law and Order" rerun. Words fail me.

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