Friday, August 19, 2005

More fun with the psycho right wing

Here are some choice comments from Little Green Footballs denizens about Cindy Sheehan's mother's stroke:
"adios, cindy. and stay the hell and gone...
dear God, its not enough that we have to put up with the illegals coming over the border like crap through a goose, we will let just any freaking body into Texas now"

"I'm glad the Texas Ditch Bitch had to leave.
The question is....Who will the left dredge up next?"

"Idealogy has driven people so mad that I am hoping Sheehan's mom does not die, not because she is a human being, but because somebody might use her as their ventriloquist dummy for their cause."

"Not trying to be mean or funny, but - any chance the stress her escapades have put her mother under, caused the stroke? Just saying....."

"I attacked Bush and all I got was a divorce, a mom with a stroke, and this stupid t-shirt!"

"1. The handlers were looking for an excuse to bail, and found it, or
2. This attention addict won't be able to resist the limelight, and will soon be back."

"It's too bad Rachelle Corey is not available to stand in for her while she's gone. Of course when her mom actually sees her and realizes that Cindy is that nutcase she's been seeing on TV, she'll probably have another stroke."
These people are sick, sad fucks.

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