Monday, November 21, 2005

Neocon translations

"Whether one agrees with going into Iraq or not and whether or not WMD was found isn't the point any longer. We need to complete the mission now that we started it; we cannot afford to leave it unfinished."

-Captain's Quarters


"Finding out who bludgeoned your mother to death and left her corpse on the kitchen floor just isn't the point any longer. Listen, son, I know I'm holding a shovel. I know I have blood all over my clothes. And you did find me standing over your mother's lifeless body, screaming 'I'm so glad you're finally dead, YOU BITCH!' But the point right now is, you have to help me clean up this mess and hide the body before anyone finds out. You don't want your father going to jail, do you? Your mother's gone - no amount of finger-pointing is going to change that now. So grab that bottle of 409 and get to work. Now."

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some doodad in Harry Potter that kept shifting? (Kinda like justifications for this war)
I can see Bush liking Harry Potter.
Although, I can also him not really understanding it either.