Thursday, April 06, 2006

OMFG Quote of the Week

"It is simply amazing how some people will take the silk purse that is Iraq and try to mangle it into a sow's ear, based on nothing but press accounts and pessimistic analysts."

-Dean Esmay
Bonus bugfuck insane comment on Dean's "silk purse" post:
"If this is Vietnam, it's Vietnam done right."
Call McMann and Tate! We have a winner!

1 comment:

Eric Klein said...

Well then.

There wasn't much wrong with Vietnam anyway right? War is hell. The US is involved in a conflict in Indo China for 25 years - and then 25 more years later we win the cold war.

If Iraq is vietnam done right, does that mean the War on Terror will end sooner than fifty years from now?

We've already been at war in the one County for 15 years. Should be done eventually.