Saturday, April 22, 2006

War with Iran

Is anyone else getting just a little sense of deja vu over the Iran war drumbeat? As Jon Stewart has said, it's only one letter away from Iraq. And the tactics seem identical - hype the threat, compare their leaders to Hitler, and try to pretend to be considering anything other than war while the war plans are being drawn up.

As Kevin Drum has said, this administration doesn't actually want to talk to Iran. Just as in Iraq, when they didn't want inspectors because it might remove their rationale for war, they don't want diplomacy in Iran for the same reason.

I believe the war is already set. The only thing we don't know is exactly what form it will take.

Well, actually, there's another thing we don't know about the War in Iran - who will it be blamed on? The press? Cindy Sheehan? Bill Clinton? (Blaming it on "the gays" is so 2001.) I've got one - illegal Mexicans! Brilliant!

And the world rolls on. For now.

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