Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lying crapweasels still get under my skin

Well I see that some people over at a certain lying crapweasel weblog are stirring up the Terri Schiavo pot again, claiming that some new therapy could have saved the vegetative Terri. No matter that the claim is absolutely untrue - that's never stopped them before. After all, they claimed, with absolutely no evidence, to be sure that Michael Schiavo killed his wife by somehow (they don't know how) causing her original injury.

Boy does that take me back. After all, how dare Michael Schiavo to spend years caring for his wife. How dare he try experimental treatments that took months but got no results. How dare he train to become an emergency room nurse to learn how to better care for Terri. How dare he start dating again, at the urging of the in-laws who would so viciously turn on him later. How dare he pursue a malpractice suit against his wife's doctors, the $1 million settlement of which was used for her care. And most of all, how dare he spend years of his life trying to carry out her wishes that she not sit for decades as a brainless husk in a hospital bed, being used as a cruel prop in a depraved political game.


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