Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not rocket surgery

Bill O'Reilly last night was all up in arms because some school district was going to celebrate Gay and Lesbian History Month. So he has this dour "gay activist" on (who started out by proclaiming that he was a Republican) to respond to his indignation. The guy timidly said something about other "History Month" celebrations that try to highlight the accomplishments of people traditionally left out of the history books.

But the difference, says Bill, is that gay is something you *do*, not something you *are.*

The "activist" didn't let out a peep.

Here's one way it could have gone, just off the top of my head:
"Bill, being gay is definitely something you are. Were you straight before you had sex? Of course you were. It's not about who you have sex with - it's about who you love. And as long as there are those who are willing to demonize gay people for political gain, [as his comments are illustrated by b-roll of transvestites in a gay pride parade] we feel it's important to highlight the accomplishments of gay and lesbian people in our society."
See? That wasn't difficult, was it?

Damn, people on the left are, by and large, a bunch of whining, weak, clueless, spineless appeasers. Start standing up for yourself, or I have no use for you.

UPDATE: Exception to the above: Russ Feingold. Go Russ.

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