Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reflections on the situation in Iraq, courtesy of FreeRepublic

If we are forced to abandon this democracy project, the failure isn't ours -- it's the Iraqi's, especially the Sunnis and Shiites. To some extent, it's also Europe's fault (including the UK's) by forcing together people who clearly don't belong in the same country.
The Iraqi country Sunnis are Deliverance cretins times 5.
The Democrats and what passes today as the establishment U.S. news media have gone to great lengths to sabotage our efforts in Iraq, blunt the domestic war on terrorism and encourage every anti-American faction in the world. This has been done partly for partisan politics and partly in behalf of a delusional ideology that believes lice-infested savages and psychopathic dictators will respond to reason.
Modern Christians are civilized. We are trying to coax these people into the family of civilized man. If we were old school Christians they're men and boys would be dead and their women undergoing a seed change. As they would like very much to do to us if they could.
It may have worked better if the Dims/Pinkos/MSM/Jew-Haters/Iranians/Syrians hadn't been throwing wrenches in the works at every f%#king turn. Then again, it's possible they're not ready for democracy. Churchill suggested WWII might have been averted had a constitutional monarchy been established in Germany after WWI instead of a liberal democracy. The same may hold true in the Arab world.
Kill 'em all and let their god (if they have any) sort them out!
I'm getting tired of this shit! Why should we be allowed to be kicked around?

Bonus quote, about Barack Obama at a book signing:
There is one other aspect to Osama Obama that will preclude him from being elected POTUS. Call it crass, but the guy's picture could fit right in with the 9/11 hijackers photo's. A good portion of the electorate is going to take one look at this guy in the primary and say "he ain't from around here"....

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Anonymous said...

I talked to my mother today. She is generally clueless about politics. She said something about that "black guy" and followed it up with, "I really like him."
I was proud of her.