Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bush broke the law

It was fun on "Fox News Sunday" this week to watch Brit Hume skate close to a stroke when Juan Williams had the temerity to suggest that The Great and Powerful Bush might have, in fact, broken the law by doing warrantless wiretaps. (At least this time Hume didn't suggest, as he did in a recent FNS dustup, that Williams be "hosed down." Nice, Brit. Fucker.)

Well, for all those still clinging to "we need to investigate before we determine whether Bush broke the law," as usual my new hero Glenn Greenwald breaks it down:

1. FISA requires warrants.
2. Bush didn't get warrants.

Neither of those facts are in dispute.
"An investigation cannot answer the question as to whether U.S. Senators ought to take a stand against deliberate and ongoing lawbreaking by a President. Only U.S. Senators can answer that question, and they already have all the facts that are relevant to that question already before them. Claiming that they need further 'investigation' before taking a position is nothing short of an abdication of their responsibilities, an obvious tactic for avoiding the question of whether they oppose lawbreaking by the President."

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