Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fantasy and reality

Went with some friends to see "V for Vendetta" on the Madison IMAX last night. While it was well-shot, well-produced and well-acted, for me it just didn't have the emotional punch I was expecting. The movie skillfully translates the original comic book's outrage at the Thatcher administration in England to the current War on an Abstract Concept, even though the setting remains London. But for me, the revolutionary oomph fell flat.

I guess I have outrage fatigue. When the Attorney General of the United States testifies before Congress (not under oath, but still) that Congress can certainly suggest things, and the administration will consider them, where do we have to go from there?

Back in reality, people like John Aravosis of AMERICAblog are saying beautifully all the things that I don't have the strength for right now.

The lesson, my friends, is that no matter what you do, Rush Limbaugh is going to crow about it, Ken Mehlman is going to do a mass-mailing about it, and the American Family Association will launch a boycott over it.

And even if you choose to do nothing, all of them will still attack you, claiming that you did something you didn't do.

So the choice for Democrats is to sit on their asses and do nothing, while Republicans criticize them unjustly, or to launch an all-out attack on the GOP while the Republicans criticize them unjustly.
When half the country fails to vote it's because they realize they're not represented by an political party. Almost half the country supports censuring the president. That's not half the Democratic party, that's half the country.

We ARE the majority of the country. The Republicans represent a 30-percent-or-so minority, that's it. They've only got the Terri Schiavo voters - the rest they get by default because we suck. They don't get 51% by choice. The majority of the country supports Democratic policies. We simply need some Democrats who have the nerve to stand up and say it, and fight for it.

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