Monday, January 16, 2006

Methinks they doth protest...

It always gives me a chuckle when the cave dwellers at Free Republic start talking about pop culture. Their idea of pop culture begins and ends with "Bonanza," so it's always funny to see them rage against the dying of the light.

Particularly funny are the posts every year about the Oscars, where they pile on and spend pages and pages to shout how Hollywood is just a bunch of perverted Commie fags and of course, they wouldn't watch the Oscars anyway if someone pried open their eyelids like in "Clockwork Orange." On and on they go, each trying to outdo the previous exhortation of hatred toward movies and TV in this debauched age. They rage and rage until they are hoarse, and presumably need to chill out in front of a 3 a.m. showing of "Naughty Cheerleaders 12" on the Spice Channel.

It's especially funny this year, because the movie they all fear more than a terrorist attack, "Brokeback Mountain," where two men kiss (ack!), is a serious contender. One of the earlier Brokeback/Oscar threads got 345 (!) comments.

Could we be...ahem.....repressing anything at all? Anything? No? OK. Well, wrestling is on in a few minutes. You like wrestling, right?

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