Friday, January 27, 2006

Bush cultists' latest line

Troops don't need all that stinkin' armor! It's too heavy! Weighs ya down. (Those armored Humvees are probably a waste as well. Maybe we could use Ford Escorts? A real warrior doesn't need a metal cage to protect him, am I right?)

It's official. There is no depth to which Bush blowjobbers like Dean Esmay will not sink to defend the immoral, criminal policies of this administration. My "ritual puppy slaughter" and August Pollack's "Dead Kitten Survey" don't go far enough.

As Joey Tribbiani said, "You are so over the line that you can't even see the line. The line is a dot to you."

UPDATE: My father didn't want to wear his seat belt, because it was uncomfortable across his giant belly. Therefore, we should get rid of all seat belts, right? That's the cultists' "logic" on this. Of course, it's not really logic. It's just craven talking points designed to exonerate Bush and Rumsfeld from any responsibility in how they run the war they started. Fuckers.


Anonymous said...

You don't have a clue about this, do you. Ya know any military personnel? Do you even know a cop? Do you have a idea how heavy that equipment can be day after day? In the heat, running, chasing people while wearing body armor, carrying weapons, a belt with ammunition and gear, wearing big heavy boots, fighting hand-to-hand in this stuff?

It appeared from the link the people stating this were soldiers. But I guess a saint sitting at his computer in Utopia knows so much more than the person actually doing the job. Dean Esmay merely linked to these letters.

The arrogance of this post knows no bounds. You don't even have the intellectual honesty to admit these soldiers might have a point and you don't have a fucking clue. But, hey, why should that stop you. Any chance to use the phrase "Bush blowjobber" and quote a t.v sitcom. It's all about the hyperbole.

Thomas More said...

From an MSNBC story, Dec. 4:

At a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Nov. 19, Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va.), the committee’s chairman, told acting Army Secretary Les Brownlee that the shortage of body armor in Iraq was “totally unacceptable.”

“Now, where was the error — and I say it’s an error made in planning — to send those troops to forward-deployed regions, and the conflict in Iraq, without adequate numbers of body armor?” Warner asked.


From USA Today:

Soldiers headed for Iraq are still buying their own body armor — and in many cases, their families are buying it for them — despite assurances from the military that the gear will be in hand before they're in harm's way.

Body armor distributors have received steady inquiries from soldiers and families about purchasing the gear, which can cost several thousand dollars. Though the military has advised them not to rely on third-party suppliers, many soldiers say they want it before they deploy.


But hey, I guess the Republican head of the Senate Arms Services Committee and hundreds of military families are just traitors to the cause, too, huh?

This isn't about soldiers not wanting armor, so they're not provided it. It's about the Bush administration's incompetence and/or penny-pinching that's costing American soldiers their lives in Iraq. And you know that. If this "Support the TROOPS!" battle cry/ debate bludgeon really meant something to you, you'd admit that.

Shut the fuck up, Anonymous. On second thought, rant away, because you made my exact point for me.

Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that what you quote in response appears to be from 2003/2004, that would have been a good first post, instead of the nonsense you started with. My response was to your first post, which was simply two soldiers' letters discussing body armor.

Now I will "shut the fuck up." I know how hard it is to believe there's more than your side to any story involving the current administration. You should shut your comments off, because someone else who isn't a Thomas More blowjobber might wander by with something to say.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm "shutting the fuck up." Really.

Thomas More said...

I'm more than happy to actually debate, despite the angry tone of many of my posts. (These guys "angry up the blood," as Grandpa Simpson would say.)

But when you start off with saying I'm an arrogant, hyperbolic, intellectually dishonest keyboard commando who doesn't "have a fucking clue," (whew! that's a lot of insults packed into one comment) you're not exactly coming to the table, now are you? Physician, heal thyself.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you set the tone. When I once called you on your hyperbole, you asked if I'd ever read your site. Do you actually read your site? You are the king of the insult. I guess you think you're preaching to the crowd so no one will care. There is no coming to the table with you. The leap you make in your "update" to this post just proves that.

I am now officially shutting the fuck up. Though it's difficult for me, I'll admit.

Thomas More said...

This is an angry site. You seem unhappy with that, so I wonder why you hang around here. But I guess it's the same reason I read Dean's site, huh? You expect me to be an evil, braindead leftist and you're never disappointed.

The fact remains that I will debate anyone with a serious point. Arguing that because a couple of soldiers say they don't want more armor means the armor situation in Iraq is just fine isn't a serious point. That's what Dean was arguing, and I know he knows better. He's by far the most intellectually dishonest person I've read on the web, and that's saying a lot. The fact that his willful dishonesty is in the service of George W. Bush makes it all the more galling.

(BTW, there's no "crowd" here. The tumbleweeds blow through regularly. The fact is, I just use this page as a safety valve. It's of use, and probably interest, to no one but myself. And some days, I wonder about myself too.)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I know you're not braindead, which is why I'm often disappointed.

I should have said "choir", not "crowd."

I've discovered I'm truly unable to shut the fuck up.