Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Snowboarding down the slippery slope

One of the old chestnuts trotted out during these even-numbered-year debates about letting gay people get married is the slippery slope argument: if we let gays get married, what's to stop polygamy, incest, bestiality? Hell, Mildred might want to marry her cat, or her favorite lamp, for that matter. Stop the madness now!

To me it's pretty simple: incest, bestiality, and for that matter the lamp, all fail the consent test. Underage people of any gender can't consent to a marriage, nor should they. Animals definitely can't consent. So there you go. Simple, right? It's not about what you or I consider perverted; it's whether both parties can consent to the relationship.

Which leads into polygamy. I believe that if all parties are adults and consent to the arrangement, I have no problem with it. Those who know better about these issues than I do say that much polygamy in this country involves coercion and/or underage girls, both of which would fail my consent test.

Finally, am I the only one who thinks Rick Santorum is just a little *too* preoccupied with "man-on-dog" sex?

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Tuesday said...

Have you been watching Big Love on HBO? I've been completely sucked into it.
Also, did you hear about the women from India(?) that married a snake? And the townsfolk were all supportive.