Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The BMFC initiative

The usual crapweasel suspects on the right are all up in arms about the proposed ballot measure in Washington State that would require married couples to have children within three years, or have their marriages annulled.

After carping for years that marriage is all about children, these doofuses are taken aback with their own "morality" being thrown back in their faces. As usual, though, I don't think the measure's proponents have gone far enough. On my old site, I outlined a similar proposal, something I called the Bureau of Marriage and Family Certification (BMFC).*

Here's the rundown:

1. No marriage allowed where the woman is older than child-bearing age (medical certification required).

2. All engaged couples must sign a Procreation Pledge, agreeing to attempt to conceive for at least the first five years of the marriage.

3. Both marriage partners must be heterosexual, to avoid conflict with Rule 2. Heterosexuality will be authenticated by the BMFC, using investigative techniques, or in difficult cases, medical arousal testing.

4. All new marriages will be monitored by the BMFC for no less than one (1) year, to make sure the union is legitimate and not undertaken for financial or other non-approved reasons, especially including theft of company or government benefits.

5. Divorce will be strictly regulated. All civil divorces will have to be approved by the BMFC, after a 3-5 year evaluation process.

I think this is a good start in forcing the right wing to confront the real consequences of their worldview. Marriage is all about children? Divorce is too easy? People shouldn't get married just to get benefits? Fine. Then write it into law, bitches.

When I lived in Michigan, an ambitious local prosecutor thought his ticket to fame would be prosecuting women for giving birth to crack-addicted babies. Great idea, right? Get tough! But once he started actually throwing poor black mothers in jail, the bloom fell off the rose.

You think abortion is murder? Fine. Then every single doctor who performs an abortion, and every single woman who gets one, should be charged with and convicted of murder. Murder is murder. And the woman doesn't get off the hook because the baby was conceived in a rape. A fetus is a person, full stop. Deal with that reality, and maybe we can talk.

*NOTE: I take no responsibility for how people will pronounce this acronym. :-)

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