Thursday, February 01, 2007

Screw him

Molly Ivins died just a few days after she revealed that her cancer had come back for a third time. I'm surprised at how much this hurts. I don't have a lot of words at this point, so I'll turn it over to Tbogg commenter D. Sidhe, who responded to Dean Esmay's despicable display of hatred thusly:
Of course I'm sure all of this will just go into the hopper as proof of Dean's little thesis that the left is full of angry people like Molly Ivins. But you know what? Screw him. How dare he demean Molly's anger, her completely legitimate anger, at what he and his boy Bush and the rest of the people like him have done to her--and our--country? Of course she was angry. These jackasses are tearing our entire country apart, and have spent the last six years calling us traitors for even noticing it, who wouldn't be angry about that? Jesus Christ, Dean, if you thought we were destroying the country you loved, wouldn't you be angry? You even seem plenty angry at the moment, to say that kind of thing about a woman who's just died, and you're on top. Do me a favor, and remember how you felt during the Clinton years. Now remember how angry you got when you found a couple of idiots in blogs somewhere saying nasty things when Reagan died, and then go shut the hell up. Damned straight we're angry. We're angry you morons forced an immature little bully on us, and angry you forced a vicious, destructive, pointless war on us, and angry you've made us less safe, not more, and gotten literally uncountable numbers of people killed doing it, and angry as hell you've been treating us like traitors and hysterics for being pissed off about it. You're a nasty little boy who pulls the wings off of flies and laughs when they buzz helplessly around in the dirt, just like your bullying president. Molly knew that from the start. That's why you're glad she's dead, because she knew that and she never stopped saying it. And all of her anger was nothing to what you people have done to us, all of us, as a planet. My biggest regret is she will never get the chance to see Bush impeached, and jailed, like the war criminal he is. And I'm going to work even harder to make sure that happens, because you, and all of the rest of you pricks who are saying evil things about her today, deserve to be dragged out into the light and shown for what you are and what you've done. You've hurt Molly's country, and my country, and our entire world, and if we have to pin it all to your foreheads to make sure you can't do it again in another twenty years, we'll do just that.

I never met Molly. But I miss her so damned bad it aches. And I didn't want to know what the bastards were saying about her, because it hurts. But, you know, I'm glad I know. Because it made me angry, and I'm going to use that anger to help restore the country she loved.

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