Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This isn't a pop culture weblog, although pop culture is another of my abiding interests. And I do tend to focus, as some commenters like to point out, on stuff that "angries up my blood," as Grandpa Simpson says. So I couldn't pass up this Entertainment Weekly writeup on ABC's "Lost," which has suffered a major loss in audience (including me) this season:
Nobody is more proud - and more defensive - about Lost than [series star Matthew] Fox. The fall from amazing grace? That's just the headline-hungry media tearing down what the cast and crew built up. The ratings decline? Those were simply hype-intrigued looky-loos who've decided Lost isn't for them and gravitated toward less complicated fare. "Good riddance," says Fox.... And what of the devotees who yearn for those innocent invisible-peanut-butter-flavored beach days? "The people who rag on it that way aren't strong enough fans, really," he says. "Those people are copping out."
Memo to Matthew Fox: fuck you. You're an actor on a television show - a show that started with a handful of intriguing ideas that then proceeded to systematically crap all over them. This show made you a star, and it might not be the best move to be insulting the very people who put you there.

It physically pains me to channel Laura Ingraham, but shut up and act.

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