Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Glenn Greenwald hits it out of the park again

"Those who insisted on this war, who started it, who prosecuted it, who controlled every single facet of its operation – they have no blame at all for the failure of this war. Nope. They were right all along about everything. It all would have worked had war critics just kept their mouths shut. The ones who are to blame are the ones who never believed in this war, who control no aspect of the government, who were unable to influence even a single aspect of the war, who were shunned, mocked and ridiculed, and who have been out of power since the war began. They are the ones to blame. They caused this war to fail."

-Glenn Greenwald on the right's refusal to take personal responsibility for the war in Iraq, an "experiment" (tm Dean Esmay) that even William F. Buckley admits has failed.

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