Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where are we?

  • Those who criticize the government are routinely branded as traitors.
  • The executive branch has unlimited power, and no accountability to either the people or the legislature.
  • Political opposition is nearly non-existent.
  • The government takes prisoners who are tortured and held without representation or charges for months or years in secret facilities.
  • Intellectuals and universities are routinely considered fifth columns. Anti-intellectualism is rampant.
  • Those who strive for civil liberties, both at home and abroad, are demonized.
  • The government has started a war that has no definition, and no end. Only the government has the power to define this war and its combatants, however it sees fit.
  • The press participates eagerly in the propagandization of the people, and requires no accountability from the government.

Where do we live? What year is this?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Ada Doom, why don't you get off the farm. You might get some perspective.