Sunday, February 12, 2006


Glenn Greenwald absolutely nails it in his deconstruction of what I have come to call the Bush Cult. All that matters to these people is fealty to one man, George W. Bush. Bush tomorrow announces that we are in a War on Peanut Butter, and these people organize a peanut butter bonfire within hours. Past statements in support of peanut butter never happened. John Kerry loves peanut butter. Anyone who questions this new PBW are traitorous bastards who should be hanged until they are dead, dead, dead. (Or suffocated in peanut butter. Whichever is handier.)

I've been saying this stuff for years. Sadly, at this point, the small number of people who are even willing to broach the subject won't make much of a difference. The cultists have to leave on their own power. We can't kidnap half of the nation and throw them in a van.

UPDATE: As Glenn's commenters, and Glenn himself, point out, this isn't really a Bush Cult. It's an authoritarian cult. It can (and most likely will) be transferred to whoever succeeds Bush in the White House. It's comforting to think we have an all-knowing, all-seeing leader who can protect us and love us. Too bad it's all a fiction.

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