Monday, February 13, 2006

Mr. Vice President? Your kitten hammer is ready.

Why all the hysteria? The vice president accidentally shot a hunting companion with buck-shot over the weekend. He is in "very stable condition." The media were not notified for some time. And we're all supposed to be worked up about that?...Who cares? I don't.

-Mark Levin, National Review Online


X Philius said...

It just keeps getting better and better!

I know this is not new news, but the details in the article are killing me! He didn't have the right hunting license!

Abstract Nixon said...

Call me a republican, but I don't care either!

Thomas More said...

As someone on National Review Online said recently, maybe the attitude of "Hey, hunting accidents happen all the time, it's not that bad," might be the wrong PR approach from the party of the Second Amendment.

And now the poor guy has had a heart attack (caused by the birdshot going to his heart). I hope to god that he doesn't die - for many reasons. But one of them, sadly, is that then it would be harder to make jokes about this.

Anonymous said...

"I hope to God that he doesn't die - for many reasons. But one of them, sadly, is that then it would be harder to make jokes about this."

Yeah, that is pretty fucking sad.

Thomas More said...

I freely admit my many faults. Next time I shoot a guy in the face, I'll own up to that, too.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda like confession. Just say it out loud and it's all okay.

Is Cheney denying this incident? I missed the news.

Thomas More said...

Even hard-line Republicans think Cheney should go public with exactly what happened, and take full responsibility for it. (Say it with me Dick: "What happened was my fault. Period.") Because as any real hunter will tell you, if you're holding the gun, where the bullets land is your responsibility only, no matter what the circumstances are.

Obviously this will never happen.

Anonymous said...,2933,184957,00.html

Never, ever? Or just not quick enough. Maybe he's not sorry enough. When we see it live it'll probably be obvious he doesn't really mean it.

I was kinda disgusted here, but now I look forward to what's next. He says he had a beer with his lunch. Run with it. This will be good, I'm sure.

Thomas More said...

Ironically, I heard about this Fox interview for the first time from the Ed Schultz show on the Air America station on my way home from the office.

Here's where I shock you: good for Mr. Cheney.

I never said (or thought) he was drunk, or any of that conspiracy stuff. I simply wanted him to take proper responsibility for what he had done - can you blame me for being skeptical? But now he's done it, and bravo.

Anonymous said...

Wait... I'm climbing back into my chair. Good for you!