Saturday, February 18, 2006

Oh my freakin' god

Actual CNN headline:

Shooting victim apologizes to vice president

Anyone who doubts that we live in an absolutely batshit crazy time should print out that headline and look at it several times a day. Because that, my friends, is the world we live in.

Anyone got any vodka? Or grain alcohol?

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UPDATE: VP Accident Tale Filled with Discrepancies

The shooting could hardly be a better metaphor for Cheney. It neatly packages his faulty judgment, insularity and arrogance in a story that is not cataclysmic on its own terms but will prove hard to forget. That's too bad for Cheney, and certainly for Harry Whittington. But it is a blessing for anyone hoping to restore some accountability to a government that increasingly believes it is a law unto itself.

-Jonathan Alter, Newsweek
Oh and one more thing...

While ranch owner Katherine Armstrong told the media initially that absolutely no alcohol had been consumed by the hunting party, Cheney did tell Brit Hume that he had "had a beer at lunch." This line was conveniently removed from the broadcasted interview and the posted transcript.

As one commenter elsewhere noted, "I'll stop calling this administration 'Orwellian' when they stop using '1984' as their political playbook."


Anonymous said...

It's called class. You know, when someone looks outside their own pain for a second and recognizes that this incident had repercussions for someone else, regardless who's at fault. It's not an apology for being shot. It's feeling bad that someone you've known for 30 years hurt you and acknowledging how that must feel. It's acting with grace and dignity.

Is this really the headline of the week that strikes you as a reason for drink? The fact that this has to be explained and that you and others are still going on about this ridiculous incident is the real sign that these are batshit crazy times.

I need an ale.

Thomas More said...

"Feeling bad that someone hurt you"?

OK. Yeah. Makes sense.

Too bad CNN changed the headline, or we wouldn't have to go by a screenshot. As someone else commenting on this headline said, "I'll stop calling this administration Orwellian when they stop using '1984' as their political playbook." Or as Jon Stewart said, "'Peppered' is something you do to a Caesar salad. This guy was shot in the face."

And BTW, no - if someone shot me in the face, I don't care how long I've known them, or who they are. I'm not going to hold a press conference and apologize to the guy who shot me. If that makes me "classless," then I'll wear the badge proudly.

What this is is a perfect metaphor for the entire administration, wrapped up in a spray of birdshot. *That's* why it's getting so much play.

Thomas More said...

Oh and as for class? I think if I shot my lifetime friend in the face, I would go to the hospital with him, and not back to the ranch for dinner. But that's just me, classless liberal to my dying breath.

And spare me the "he didn't want to interfere" or whatever explanation, OK? I've got this headache behind my eyes that just won't go away, and hearing another bizarre defense of Cheney is bound to make it worse.